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  • > It's fantastic what you did
    with the light man, the bulbs,
    the reflection, and the firemen,
    and everything... with the
    silhouette of the light man
    walking behind. I love him.
    It looks great!
    - Tom Petrovich, Manager, Men's
    Dept., Bergdorf Goodman, NYC

    > The best I've seen in years.
    - Dr. Francis W. O'Connor
    Art critic and historian, NYC

    > Alderman's work is
    a wonderful combination of Modern and Post-Modern elements, as she
    creatively combines past and
    present, giving us multi-layered
    views of diverse worlds that
    include the Rennaissance, the19th,
    20th and 21st centuries. Her view
    is refreshing, poignant,
    and magical.
    - Dr. Katherine Hoffman
    Chair, Fine Arts Department
    St. Anselm College

    > Alderman's art combines
    serious purpose, wit, and whimsy
    in an engaging alchemy. In the
    multi-layered images of her
    Cyber Heroes project for the
    National Academy, she makes
    past and present speak to each
    other in a lively dialog. Icons of
    New York's Gilded Age mingle
    with references to the city of
    today, while figures formed of
    dotted lights march in front,
    as if into the future. The effect
    is visually stunning and
    - Diana Wolfe Larkin, Ph.D.
    Art Historian

    Thanks so much for presenting
    "Public Murals Around the
    County and Around the World"
    for our Thursday Morning
    Lecture Series.... As I said, I've
    attended hundreds of lectures
    here, and it had to be the most
    enjoyable I've experienced yet.
    You have so much to offer: a
    wealth of information, an
    incredibly inspiring passion
    for your subject, and a warm
    and gracious personal style.
    Your openness and willingness
    to respond to questions and
    comments was most appreciated.
    - Paula Ogier
    Cambridge Center for
    Adult Education